Reasons Tenants Prefer Managed Properties

  1. Security of personal information – know your personal information is safe (ie. social security number)
  2. Consistent application on lease terms – everyone’s lease process is the same
  3. Dependable management on call for emergencies
  4. Reliable maintenance and grounds management

In 2016, DoorGrow estimated there are 34,000-plus property management companies in the United States… “all of them require an office, a team of employees, a network of service providers and contractors, and well-defined processes for all the aforementioned tasks. This can all be very expensive to create as a business owner or to contract as a landlord. In a competitive marketplace, managers are always looking to reduce their costs.” Renttropolis Property Management Software gives landlords the opportunity to stay organized and grow, while keeping the landlord and customer experience at the forefront.

The Benefits of Property Management Software

This is about more than just taking your business online. Renttropolis Property Management Software helps you seamlessly grow your business by allowing you to focus on the things that matter. We have incorporated all facets of property management to make your job easier. Whether you own 1 unit, 10 units or 1000 units, Renttropolis has a solution to suit your needs and budget.

  1. Keep Your Residents Happyproperty management software allows you to manage problems as they arise. Happy renters are less likely to look for another place to live and more willing to accept reasonable rent increases.
  2. Resident Screening: know who you’re working with – background checks to verify applications and run a credit check
  3. Financial Management: online management to collect rent, late fees, and deposits – easy, no stress process with fewer complications and commitments
  4. Resident Management: property and tenant management – increase engagement by fielding all resident calls, tracking and responding to requests
  5. Empower Residents: allow residents can self-manage their own information so property managers don’t have to
  6. Business Management: built by landlords for landlords – accounting, document storage, reports all on an easy to use dashboard, accessible anywhere from any device

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