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How Property Managers Can Keep Property Owners Happy

Property managers have a plethora of tasks they deal with, including (but not limited to) collecting rent, dealing directly with tenants, and handling maintenance and repair issues.

As a property manager, keeping owners in the loop with open communication is the key to continued success and a good owner-manager relationship.

Property managers can keep property owners happy if they keep these objectives in mind:

1) Be Prepared for Change
Depending on the time of year, property owners may need you to do different things. In the summer months, it may be filling vacancies left by college students. In the winter months it may be snow removal or 24-hour on-call maintenance repair.

The job of a property manager is never the same on any given day. Be prepared to change up your daily routine if the owner asks for specifics.

2) Use The Right Technology
Property management software can help streamline maintenance tasks, keep you aware of any vacancies, and manage tenant payments. Using the right technology can save you – and the property owner - time and money.

While there are dozens of software options out there, Renttropolis is a great example of one that is user friendly. Consider using property management software to help keep you organized.

3) Monitor the Move In / Move Out Process
Sometimes when tenants move, they leave a mess behind them. Help avoid the mess and any costs attached to clean up by monitoring when a tenant moves in and again when they move out. To avoid any potential issues with clients, create a screening process that helps you better understand who you’re renting to.

Property owners will be thrilled to know you can handle any potential issues promptly and professionally.

Want to know what tasks property managers manage the most? Check out our Top 10 Maintenance Tasks for Landlords and Property Managers (link to Top 10 Maintenance Tasks for Landlords and Property Managers post)

Maintaining a quality relationship with the property owner is the best way to ensure the owner will continue to use you and your property management company.

If you can be prepared for change at any given moment, keep tenants organized with the right technology, and monitor when and how tenants move in and move out, property owners will be happy, and will appreciate you and all you do.


  • Renttropolis Team
  • 08/21/2017